Friday, 6 July 2007

Neon Gothic


  1. David Howard said...

    Interesting Antlion and elisabeth, have never seen this before. How did you make the video part? The video played without stopping and loaded quickly. What format is the file in?
    Your music works well with images,video and performance. Would like to see more posted here and on the group site as well. The religious iconography being twisted like that, seems to be saying something about altering the past and partial transformation.The music seems to exacerbate that point. At least your not speaking excathedra, but more cathedral.

    6 July 2007 00:07

    antlion said...

    The video was manipulated in Painter frame by frame by Lib. The format is mpeg1 standard VCD setting. I'm pleased that it loaded and played so well on your computer, it didn't do so well on ours, though it looks and sounds good once downloaded. As for the religious content I'll leave that to the experts.

    6 July 2007 09:13

  2. How quick is your broadband? This loads in a flash on mine, and plays straight through without a break.

  3. 256K max though I'm sure at times it slows down below that, what speed is yours?

  4. I use to have 256k but it only cost $10 more to get 512k and almost unlimited download to boot. It's been a lot better. You can test your speed by going to a free broadband test site.

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