Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Natural shapes

River Rock Primitives 1981

Quick and simple, stylized and quirky. I went through a phase of drawing and painting loose abstracted natural objects. This one is on paper, drawn with charcoal and acrylic.
Some of the work from this period was created by mixing found rocks and earth with the acrylic paint.

The rocks were sourced from the area I was drawing and created attractive muted tones. The blending of the crushed rock/earth with all of the colours I used, created a natural harmony.

Sometimes I would place a piece of paper with a square cut out, as a window to view the ground below. I would then draw what I saw in the window in a very stylised way.
Would like to pursue this again as larger and very free works in a square format. Square just to avoid the landscape feel.


  1. 1981, that's 26 years ago David ! What are you doing now ?

  2. yeahhh howwie, what you done this week? Come on crack it out... I know you done some video but what about art?


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