Tuesday, 17 July 2007

my eyes are going all starey

Hi all. please listen to this piece from my 'Implexa' Cd from last year.
on voice we have A, B, C, D & S Howard, this track is a co-production between T&S Howard.
that's Adele, Brendan, Carolyn, David, Tom & Simon, quite the family effort and note that the first four initials are also the first in the alphabet; weird huh!


  1. Are the voices from that video you recorded in my studio? This is one of the tracks that was short listed for that exhibition video I am doing, using some of your music. It has a sort of disturbed feel to it. The voices accentuate that uneasy feeling.

  2. yeah they were recorded at the howard family christmas at your house, where I sat everyone in the family down in front of the camera for 30 secs. that's you laughing and saying 'peel the skin back' David. The track was improvised with Tom (my son), he was doing the drum and synth while I did the samples.

  3. #9? and I thought I was cryptic.
    Please explain!

  4. I think I have it Nic(Yi), #9 is a reference to a Beatle song - #9,#9,#9.
    Is there something about this music that reminds you of Revolution #9 - maybe because it is experimental?

  5. Adds an interesting background sound to the blog. The auto playing should be active until it runs off the screen and becomes an older post. The collective blog medium has a lot of scope for accidental merges of various art types. Sort of roj's dialectical method, but unknowingly juxtaposed by distant bodies at different times.


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