Friday, 13 July 2007


strictly speaking this is not message number 7 but its definately not #1 either. I'm going for 7 because, I've heard, if you pick a number between 0 and 9 randomly - like just ask people to do it, they'll choose 7 more often than any other number so its got to be a winner.
Also, I have observed that dogs, in the southern hemisphere, tend to rotate anti-clockwise around a post when tied to it while their owner has coffee or pops into the supermarket. The duration of owner absence can be determined by the percentage of leash that is left unwound about the post when the owner returns. I am almost certain that they would rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere.


  1. Roj you comments remind me of when you showed me a trick about throwing an object up that it would always twist in a certain way by the time you caught it. It sort of makes me think that somethings are not as random as they appear to be. Did you read James Gleck's Chaos book? It seems to me that in this image you have cut, sorted and spliced nature.

  2. there you go again looking to prove your religion to to yourself

  3. I'm not sure where antlion is coming from with that comment - surely, by it's very nature, religion is un-provable, else it would be science. Doctrine must remain flexible otherwise it becomes rediculous. Flat is the earth and cursed are the nay-sayers.


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