Sunday, 29 July 2007

Black stool move

Image Defense 2007

Finally finished this painting on the weekend, after a year or so of messing around with it. This is my image defense stance against the over critical viewer. This defense move is called, 'The black stool face breaker'. So beware and don't stand too close, especially if your venting.
This act was committed in acrylic and charcoal on MDF board.
One thing about starting and finishing painting challenges is that you open the door to new ways of working and seeing. This painting was based on a photo session of various poses. One was translated freehand into this work. During the process of making this painting I have gained a few new insights. Hopefully what I have learn't will be taken into future works. One can only try, or defend.


  1. This looks quite familiar to me, it's an image ingrained in my mind from my childhood. I'm just glad I was four years older than you and not 2 years younger like poor scared Brendan. I know you claim to be a different person than you were as a child and to a large extent it appears to be true, the fact that you paint something like this makes me think about packing away my model cars(if I had any).

  2. I've been told I'm being a bit hard on you but I feel quite justified, I see this as pay back time(little brother). I mean this in the nicest possible way, I do like you even though you have always been a rather tense person. feel free to respond in kind honesty is a liberating experience.

  3. Yes,this painting seems all aggressive but it's a put on - sort of tongue in cheek. It's a small intellectual comment about art culture in general. The title is a lead in, the action of the man with the chair is a hit back. The viewer or critic brings his own interpretation and beliefs to the work. One has to deal with the subject and then reflect or react. It's sort of a foil for the unwary. I tried to enter it in a competition before it was finished, but alas, they reacted and I didn't get selected. I went to the opening night and my suspicions about the competition were correct.
    I am glad you were interested enough to comment. Keep the comment section alive it makes the blog, look busy. I will have to start tracking down a few more willing artists, to add to the flock. I have asked at least 6 others so far, but to no avail - they are either shy or smart. I know a few more artist around our age that I could ask.

  4. Yes more stuff... more people, shy or smart you just need a thick hide. You can develop that by putting your stuff in front of people - I get it from doing graphic design an awful lot of what you do gets trashed by the customer. As an artist, even if you don't sell anything, the public are your customer. And even if you don't get a comment on it, the very act of putting it out there helps you to evaluate it in a new light.
    David, the drawing and linework in this painting are very much yours - I can see it all the way back to that one with the writing about feet in it - there is a continuity.

  5. I'm quite keen to comment on things but I'm not really interested in making some bland observation. I really think what will work for Artsmelter is what the name suggests (as Roj has alluded to) a trial by fire to test the validity of the works. maybe an individuals blog should be a little more of a sacred shrine to the artist, but this blog could be more useful as a real artsmelter.

  6. The group blog lives by the contributions and contributors.
    Glad to see you looking and thinking about my work Roj.

  7. Sandra: Queen of the Night31 July 2007 at 3:18 pm

    David, I really like the warped and surreal surroundings in this painting. Great colour too. Antlion, I thought that this blog was a coming together of artists to consider and dissect eachothers artworks.. You seem more interested in personal vendetta.

  8. Fair comment Sandra I should target my aggression a little better at the moment I am very angry about religion in the world and what it does to people. Your dad has real talent but like most of us he's not sure where that talent is. As you say the surroundings in this painting are surreal and I like them also, I just wish the figure wasn't there because I really think it would be improved if it wasn't. This is not a vendetta, though it is personal. Art is a personal statement and to put it out into the world is can be scary.


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