Monday, 2 July 2007

Black Neon

This is a quick edit of my experiment with black light. I supported a sheet of glass on a cardboard box. Inside the box was a black light and video camera. I grabbed a few fluoro objects , fluoro paint and laundry powder. Then put on some antlion background music, and let it rip.
Also, towards the end, I lit some fluoro candles, which altered the colours. Really daggy, but was fun, with a bit of work and more experimentation it could work well. The small screen on the left is the camera viewer reflecting on the glass. That was so I could see what I was doing. This video is 320x240 size/16 bit stereo/Quicktime format. It's a fairly large file, about 70 Mb. So I hope it loads and runs O.K.


  1. It loads and runs well on our computer (about 5 mins to download)but looks and sounds very interesting. This is performance art, didn't you do some at Uni?
    I am now starting to feel more sorry that you can't make it to Victoria in November.

  2. it ran fine on my computer as well. I think it's a tad too long, but there's something potentially very interesting about it or perhaps the process.

  3. Well ideally it would be a one song live performance. The music would altering and free form as well. This was cut from four songs and the original footage was about 20 mins long. I tried to retain the interesting bits. It least I showed it could be done easily. There are more techniques and material that could be used. The use of different light sources, luminous liquids , projected images, and human performance could all potentials.
    The process was a do things on the fly quickly before it got to boring. It got more radical the more I played with it, until I exhausted the materials and methods.

  4. I think you may find that if you return to what you have just done and narrow your options that this could open your awareness to some more subtle possibilities. So instead of feeling you have exhausted the materials and methods a number of new directions will emerge

  5. Yes, I understand, too much special effect spoils the broth. A re-look at what I just created would allow me too focus on the important bits. And leave out the superfluous. But I am not going to do anymore at the moment coz I have to focus on my next art show.


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