Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Playing around with video tonight instead of painting. Last night I almost finished the painting , 'Image Defense'. I was feeling content and motivated at 11 pm, and was about to launch into another part that needs refining when I stopped myself. I reasoned that it was better to go to bed feeling happy with what I accomplished, than to make a mistake and go to bed in two minds a bit frazzled. Time to step back, take a look, think it through and finish properly.
The video is just a test with some studio footage, chopped and blended with background music from antlions' Implexa CD. It's good having a brother with such skills, with a ready supply of music at hand. Eventually when I settle down to making some final decisions , 'as' will become a 5 minute video.
So check this out -

Antlion, I am finding YouTube easier, quicker and more reliable than Mixpo. It also has the added feature of being watched on the YouTube site, with a greater potential audience.


  1. As far as 'You Tube' VS 'Mixpo' goes my main problem with YouTube is having their logo on the footage, I don't mind if it's on the player. with this blog I think we must be careful not to become over self-indulgent and mutually supportive. There is room and a proper place for provocation and constructive criticism, though I'm not talking about slagging people off for the fun of it.

  2. Yes, I agree with your comments about support and criticism. Would welcolme good reviews and criticism from any good source. Really this is about creating dialogue between artists, and showcasing your art. This is all new to me - its' an evolving thing.
    Yes, a higher level of discussion would be something to aim for, while trying to avoid emotionalisms and plattitudes.


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