Saturday, 14 July 2007

As Requested

The Sticks of Justice - Still working on this one.
Have about forty drawings like this on my
desk in various stages.

This is one of my squarescape paintings they are
1200x1200mm in size - I am currently working on number six.
This one is a year or so old.
The squarescape paintings series I endeavour to continue for as long
as I can - sort or perpetual landscapes.
The two rules are:-
1. They must all be 1200x1200mm in size.
2. The next painting must be done in a different
style to the previous one.

Currently working on three large paintings at once
a video
two blogs
a web page
an online gallery
framing art works
40 or so drawings
mostly in preparation for a show in Jan '08

Will post here video and final selection of art for show
and after Jan '08 photos and video of opening.

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  1. yeah right oh - thats heaps, gotta get me shed back somehow...


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