Monday, 30 July 2007

"if you can keep your head" and others

the original illustration was done for a tee shirt but I kind of like it so I did it on paper too. the frame is made from plastic floor mat. Its got a broken bit with wires that are burnt like a short curcuit. Its more an illustration than a painting.The title is from a Rudyard Kipling poem - "If you can keep your head when all about are loosing theirs..."
The other one is a work in process or progress - theres a thought, whats the difference? There is no text to go with the object although there maybe with the process/progress aspect of it.
Studio reclaimed... I have shifted the gym equipment to my daughters vacated room (shes coming home this weekend, that should be interesting). The bikes are still in there, hanging on the wall - you can see a handlebar just up and left of the clock.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Black stool move

Image Defense 2007

Finally finished this painting on the weekend, after a year or so of messing around with it. This is my image defense stance against the over critical viewer. This defense move is called, 'The black stool face breaker'. So beware and don't stand too close, especially if your venting.
This act was committed in acrylic and charcoal on MDF board.
One thing about starting and finishing painting challenges is that you open the door to new ways of working and seeing. This painting was based on a photo session of various poses. One was translated freehand into this work. During the process of making this painting I have gained a few new insights. Hopefully what I have learn't will be taken into future works. One can only try, or defend.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Nina's night shots

Nina took this photo the other night on the way back from Melbourne

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Playing around with video tonight instead of painting. Last night I almost finished the painting , 'Image Defense'. I was feeling content and motivated at 11 pm, and was about to launch into another part that needs refining when I stopped myself. I reasoned that it was better to go to bed feeling happy with what I accomplished, than to make a mistake and go to bed in two minds a bit frazzled. Time to step back, take a look, think it through and finish properly.
The video is just a test with some studio footage, chopped and blended with background music from antlions' Implexa CD. It's good having a brother with such skills, with a ready supply of music at hand. Eventually when I settle down to making some final decisions , 'as' will become a 5 minute video.
So check this out -

Antlion, I am finding YouTube easier, quicker and more reliable than Mixpo. It also has the added feature of being watched on the YouTube site, with a greater potential audience.

Monday, 23 July 2007

not being coy

This is just a quick life sketch, feeling the need to contribute a post mainly to shove that annoying music of antlion's off the edge.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Is this art?

The Great Internet Crash Of 2007
Good! I can get back to my real life.
Take me back, take me way,way back.

New Look

Still working on the new look blog - went to bed at 1.00 am this morning. But things are working well. Have set up Picassa 2 gallery slideshow on left sidebar, which shows works I have posted. All works posted by others are automatically sent to Picassa 2 Gallery which is free with your gmail account. If you want your image postings shown as well then let me know.
Have set up ArtSmelt Youtube video channel in sidebar as well, members videos can be uploaded to this channel and will display at top of postings. Might need to set up common username and password or something like that.
Might change header picture - especially if we get new artists on board.
Can put individual artists images on right sidebar - just let me know.

Will tweak as I go - tweak, tweak.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

New Design?

What would you other ArtSmelters think of a new blog design?
Maybe something like My BlogSmelter experimental blog.
Three columns and wider in black. This would allow more information up top. Also it could have a gallery of our works down the right side.
Go to BlogSmelter to check it out, then let me know.

I can do a three column version of the rounders 3(current version) but it's more problematic.

I thought the Header picture could be a combination of contributing artists works. Blended from left to right.

Otherwise I could leave it alone and add minor tweaks.


still but moving

Friday, 20 July 2007

Art Blog

ArtBlog is another good Art Blog from the USA. This has been rated one of the best in the USA.
Roberta and Libbys ArtBlog can be found here.
Roberta and Libby have a short video of themselves in the sidebar which is interesting.
There is a great, public art sculpture on this site - it's wild - it's a reflective bubble of sorts - at least I like it and wanna play on it.
It's called, 'Cloud Gate', and can be found here and here.
ArtBlog has a diverse range of art, well selected, with concise and meaningful notes.
Check it out!

Just call me, 'The Great Pretenser'.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Starting to frame

Just framed up the smaller work here called ,'Spiritual Proxy in Many Parts'. I am using the frames from a previous show. The Large painting of me with a chair called, 'Image Defense', has had some alterations over the last week. It is almost finished. A bit of tweaking to do. For example the extra red below my ear, delineates the neck and head more.Both of these works will be in my Jan '08 show. Starting to get serious now and do a bit more planning and finishing off. May have to start another two or so big paintings - pressure is building. If you see blood posted it is me bleeding from my eyes.

Here is another few drawings in various stages of realization. The two on the left have had paint on them in the last two nights. The other three are in meditation stage - waiting for the destructive hand or hopefully the cutting edge. Either way they will be finished.
I am thinking about moving up to multiple person paintings again, using some of the figures situations I have developed in drawings like these and others that I have posted on my site. The failed painter has some good examples of multiple figure works posted on her site. I strongly identify with her work and her way of working. Check out this example.

Tim and Eric

Check out the Tim and Eric Videos on the side bar. The Santa Klaus one is disturbing and funny.
Phoebe(my daughter) found these on Youtube. It can also be found here. Merry Xmas.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

my eyes are going all starey

Hi all. please listen to this piece from my 'Implexa' Cd from last year.
on voice we have A, B, C, D & S Howard, this track is a co-production between T&S Howard.
that's Adele, Brendan, Carolyn, David, Tom & Simon, quite the family effort and note that the first four initials are also the first in the alphabet; weird huh!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Other Blogs

Just a few blogs to check out.
Here is a group blog on contemporary art.
One that covers all the arts all the time.
The best British art blog.
A good Australian art blog.
Self vs self - Hazel Dooney.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

who bunged up all the waits vids?

theres some good art there i reckon

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Recent Vistors Map

Click on this map to view a larger version.

I thought you other ArtSmelters might be interested in this. This is a map of the world indicating where our visitors have been coming from. Not everyone that visits leaves a comment, but the world is watching. Interesting and challenging isn't it?
If you want to add one of these and a counter to your own site go to >
It's free and they tell you how to set it up. Make sure you download a backup template to your hard drive - just in case you make a mistake, then you can always restore. It's not very hard to set this up.
If your interested in others checking out your site, then leave a comment on theirs.
Also a link list on your site allows you to have links to your favorite blogs and sites.
Most bloggers know you have linked to them and check you out.
There are some very good art blogs out there.

Titles for Art

I suggest a bit of fun, to rename roj's two stick photo. Post your title suggestions in the comments of this post.
Roj's title was 'Lovers'.
My suggestion is - 'Two sticks don't make a knot'

recycling water

A new way to save water

The water travels from the hip area, up the left arm across the shoulders, up the right arm and into the glass from where it can be drank

As Requested

The Sticks of Justice - Still working on this one.
Have about forty drawings like this on my
desk in various stages.

This is one of my squarescape paintings they are
1200x1200mm in size - I am currently working on number six.
This one is a year or so old.
The squarescape paintings series I endeavour to continue for as long
as I can - sort or perpetual landscapes.
The two rules are:-
1. They must all be 1200x1200mm in size.
2. The next painting must be done in a different
style to the previous one.

Currently working on three large paintings at once
a video
two blogs
a web page
an online gallery
framing art works
40 or so drawings
mostly in preparation for a show in Jan '08

Will post here video and final selection of art for show
and after Jan '08 photos and video of opening.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Recent comments

The recent comments feed down the bottom of the side bar seems to have collapsed on this blog and on my blog. Don't know how to fix it yet - will try over the next few days. The number at the bottom of the side bar is the number of visitors we have had. The new feature at the top of the side bar shows how many are viewing the site at one time. If you have any suggestions about changes please feel free to let me know.

P.S. The statistical data on this site should be more interesting as time goes on.
The stat sites show you maps of the world indicating where the visitors are coming from.
My own blog has had people from all over the world. Will post images as they get more exciting or find way to let members have access. Everything is an experiment here.
- Have Fun -


this is a virtual large work done in virtual mixed media on pretend canvas - It is really big and weighs almost as much as Anslem Keifer. sssss!sss!sssssssss!ssssssss!sss!ssssssss. Swallows on a wire ready to go north for winter un-mark time; a tick-tock anarchical clock - digital silouhettes against the sky. fence posts and power poles pass by regular like pulsars; are devoid of life and meaning. The physics of spinning is spinning. The un-beat of swallows plumbs the living depths. Malachi the messenger caught in the river of time; from end to end and the code warriors work tirelessly, looking for swallows on wires of white noise.


I was going to call this "stick bondage" but "lovers" seems more evocative - there is an interesting foot-note about the rotational direction of old string around random sticks associated with this little hotty. These "lovers" are clearly southern hemisphere lovers.


strictly speaking this is not message number 7 but its definately not #1 either. I'm going for 7 because, I've heard, if you pick a number between 0 and 9 randomly - like just ask people to do it, they'll choose 7 more often than any other number so its got to be a winner.
Also, I have observed that dogs, in the southern hemisphere, tend to rotate anti-clockwise around a post when tied to it while their owner has coffee or pops into the supermarket. The duration of owner absence can be determined by the percentage of leash that is left unwound about the post when the owner returns. I am almost certain that they would rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

shadow of myself

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Natural shapes

River Rock Primitives 1981

Quick and simple, stylized and quirky. I went through a phase of drawing and painting loose abstracted natural objects. This one is on paper, drawn with charcoal and acrylic.
Some of the work from this period was created by mixing found rocks and earth with the acrylic paint.

The rocks were sourced from the area I was drawing and created attractive muted tones. The blending of the crushed rock/earth with all of the colours I used, created a natural harmony.

Sometimes I would place a piece of paper with a square cut out, as a window to view the ground below. I would then draw what I saw in the window in a very stylised way.
Would like to pursue this again as larger and very free works in a square format. Square just to avoid the landscape feel.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Colour lovers

LM from, 'failed painter' blog has found a very interesting colour webpage. Check out her page here, and the colour site here. Thanks LM

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Studio Time

Was working on this drawing yesterday, trying to get it finished, and trying to get it interesting. I drew a whole lot nudes at Life sessions a while back. Each nude is put in a different context. This nude is in a room with a part hidden, pair of scissors, a hammer, a pot plant , and a man in a different room. The man is at some sort of machine, similar to a mayan/incan drawing. You can't see it well here but it is like that Chariots of the gods idea - which I don't agree with.

Also, recently read this book from the local library. This is one of the best books I have read on colour for artists. So much to learn and so much do. I tried to buy it, and it is still available, but at about $70 dollars I decided not to, so I photo copied a few sections instead.

This section for example is on, unifying strategies for colour mixing. Just on this subject alone it goes into quite a few ways to unify your colour schemes.

The funny thing is that, the Art College I spent three and half years at, hardly touched on any of this. Colour theory, proper life sessions, painting techniques and skills, methods and material knowledge, career developement, etc , were all replaced by a vague philosphy of nothing. A sort of looking into the presence of things and abstract half baked notions. Would it not be better to leave that to the artist, and teach some skills? Maybe they didn't have any??? It may have been different in other subjects, but painting and drawing classes were devoid of meaning. We were mostly left to fend for ourselves.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Black Neon

This is a quick edit of my experiment with black light. I supported a sheet of glass on a cardboard box. Inside the box was a black light and video camera. I grabbed a few fluoro objects , fluoro paint and laundry powder. Then put on some antlion background music, and let it rip.
Also, towards the end, I lit some fluoro candles, which altered the colours. Really daggy, but was fun, with a bit of work and more experimentation it could work well. The small screen on the left is the camera viewer reflecting on the glass. That was so I could see what I was doing. This video is 320x240 size/16 bit stereo/Quicktime format. It's a fairly large file, about 70 Mb. So I hope it loads and runs O.K.

Nature of the space

Does being a "collective" blog space make this more a place for conclusions than processes?
All Artwork Copyright by the Artists represented on this Blog. 2010