Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sand Art

Changed a few colours and added an image at the top. Nothing is permanent but at least it's not as conservative as it was. Anything can be changed.

Found this sand and music art at youtube.


  1. Much better!
    I was put off by the patriotic title before...too restrictive.

  2. Yeah, well it's the hardware manager in me. Have to fight against the dark side of the force, and keep things in balance.

  3. the sand art projection idea works well and I guess you've posted this in response to our talk about presenting static art in a temporal form. The imagery is not very good but the method has depth, texture motion and it is certainly temporal.
    It reminds me of psychedelic liquid projections from the 60's, there many materials that could be used this way, bigger objects, mixed or transparent.


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