Thursday, 28 June 2007

New Member

Thanks Roj for joining Art Smelter. Roj is a successful illustrator and designer who started his own business with his wife a few years back called Planet Graphics. He now works for a few other companies while his wife runs the family business. His art can be seen in almost any surf shop in Australia, UK and USA. He has also painted for many years.
Here is an example of a painting he sent me recently.



  1. Plenty of texture Roj - so different to what you were doing when you lived in Queensland. Would love to see some of your illustrations posted here as well. Hope you don't mind me jumping the gun and posting one of your pictures. David

  2. welcome Roj are you still involved with getting people lost in the bush?
    I see you are continuing with your anarchic way through your art even if you are not loosing people. I like this approach very much.

  3. I have a suggestion which you ignore if you like.

    instead of Art smelter maybe

  4. Antlion was on a walk with us on Mt Cootha Roj - remember?
    I like your suggestion antlion - it's early days so will change if no one disagrees. All who agree put your hand up. It's passed.

  5. Gday Antlion, been a while ay
    This blog is interesting already, its going to take me a few sessions to get to see all your stuff in the other blogs. You reckon I should do a blog?
    I remember the Mt. Cootha thing - with the waterfall that you get to climb up the side of... went up the creek till we got to the picnic ground. There were a couple of tributaries we could have mistakenly taken but then you always find surprises off the beaten track. Thats what I try to do with painting - start processes that I can't control.

  6. Great stuff Roj. Interesting comment about painting.

  7. For those of us that are not members of the in crowd it might be nice if we 'knew' a little more about roj and antlion. When I click on antlion I get a pretty boring blog page with nothing but a picture (which isn't original) and the title 'antlion'. Who IS antlion...a figment of someone's imagination? Visitors don't visit again if that's all they get?

  8. A little mystery is with it's weight in gold

  9. For those of us that are not members of the in crowd...
    fully agree with what your saying - I'm totally new at blogistisism and I think that an "in-clubby" thing would be alienating. Dont want to do that, I have a hard enough time with painting as it is without mystifying it. I've put some stuff in my profile on this blog and I might just cook up my own blog down the track a bit. I've got lots of paintings "under the bed" and I find that discouraging - got to get them seen if I'm wanting feed-back. I dont like painting pretty pictures - I used to do that and sold more of them than I do of the experimental stuff but I kind of do that all day anyway designing deckgrip patterns and sunglasses etc. This painting "BOLTS" for instance: The normal reaction I get to it is "what happened?" People seem to look at it with a slightly distasteful expression like they might look at a grubby mark on the side of their car. It does need tidying up a bit and finishing off around the edges before you might let it in the house but it also gets a reaction. What is the good of art that is so innocuous that nobody even notices it, you may as well stick a scenic calender on the wall.
    Where is the committed brush-stroke in digital art for instance? The brush-stroke that looks like it was done with a back-hoe... brush-strokes that are really hard to rub out, that leave a history even if you bury them...

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  11. I like to think that there is no such thing as a failed-painter. All painters are equal, just some are more equal than others.


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