Monday, 25 June 2007

Early days

Thanks, antlion and elisabeth for joining the group Blog. I hope you find this enjoyable and functional. Hopefully we can attract a broader audience as well as inspiring each other.
I will be tracking down other potentials as I find time, and will hopefully accrue a good posse. Feel welcome to make suggestions and post as often as you like. Painting, drawing, video, music, poetry, writing, art discussion, art news, film reviews etc. I would consider all welcome on this site.
Tell your friends to check it out or add the blog address to your emails. Could prove interesting in a couple of years if we can sustain the input.
I will be checking and adding stuff every couple of days as I find the time.

This is a daggy sample of a Mixpo Video post.

P.S. If you know any potential contributers let me know.


  1. good vid&sound how?
    What ever happened to me?

  2. What do you mean what happened to you? What are you referring to?
    Mixpo can be found at
    1 - Sign up for free account - there are no catches.
    2 - Upload pictures or videos to the mixpo site - just follow on screen prompts. Can make more than one video or slideshow.
    3 - In Mixpo Set personal preferences and choose share.
    4 - Choose blooger as html output code and copy all of html code.
    5 - Go to blogger to make new post.
    6 - Add any text or still pictures in the usual way.
    7 - Select the html tab while in the new post screen. And paste the html code supplied by mixpo.
    And that's it.
    Most is self explanatory, just read the screen and prompts.
    In a nutshell - Mixpo generates html code which you paste into bloggers posts.
    You an create more individual mixpo shows or add more videos to the same one, without changing the code.
    The html code is only a call to a media player and your particular data.
    Players can also be inserted onto the main page as a permanent feature. This would allow you to list and show case a whole range of videos. Posts eventually run off the page and then are archived.
    There are music playing versions as well, but not mixpo it is only video and pictures.
    Youtube can be used as well.
    I hope this makes sense?
    It's actually not that hard or time consuming.
    Two of the best things to do is read some of the stuff on bloggers dasboard and check out other peoples blogs.

  3. What is the message behind the hand signalling? More secret men's business?
    How do you find the time and energy...besides your day shift work? keep it up.

  4. Fong
    There ain't no message there ain't no mystery. Was just testing video camera - then added some guitar. Posted this on here to demonstrate to antlion, who is a video artist and musician, how to post video.
    I do stay up late sometimes - but really should be producing more art and less blog. In some ways the hands to material(sculpture/painting/building/analog) vs hands to immaterial(blogg/internet/digital) is more edifying.


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