Thursday, 21 June 2007

Bunya Pines

This is an acrylic and pencil drawing/painting that I did a few years back. I like the dark lines and patterning. The hint of distance with the scribbly mountains and the simple colour scheme.
I used EE or EB pencils, which I have been using for many years. They now call them 9B and staedlar normally makes them. They are hard and dark and can be wiped by turps as in this artwork.

Three Trees - 1997 - 53x72cm

The turps wash alters the acrylic colour, which I scrub back to create texture and lift the paint. This also allows me to redraw the image, building up the layers. This technique I have found helpful in harmonizing the colours. It's also great for revisiting an artwork when things feel tired. The paper is normal cartridge, which although cheap works well for my type of drawing. I like to have a hard surface to work on, which is also why I never use canvas. These days I use MDF board primed with a multi-purpose, acrylic, primer, sealer undercoat on both sides. Then glued onto 32x19 finger joint pine as a bracing support.


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  4. Have you ever used 9B graphite stick? big chunky smeary things made by Faber Castell. I could see them working well for you, less action needed to cover the surface.


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