Thursday, 28 June 2007

blue anti-lines on a white-ish foreground

lets see if I can smelt my way in here... this painting is one of a series of mixed media works. They got progressively more chaotic as the series progressed. I have been using found and industrial materials, I paint on the floor otherwise everything tends to slide off the painting and end up on the floor anyway.
In places the texture is a centimetre deep. My next mission - working in the tried and true dialectic mode - will be to tame the process and add a more formal structure whilst retaining as much of the spontaneous surface as possible.


  1. I remember when I gave you a four litre can of strange paint/glue material from Bretts hardware, and it ended up on your painting in great blobs. It was great to see, and still great to see that you love to experiment. Great to see your first post. I will add to your label, so it lists you posts, under the blog groups on the sidebar. A way of indexing, check out "show all" next time you post. This way visitors can see all Roj stuff at once. Or all paintings etc.

  2. yeah chuck it on i reckon - whatever you can scrounge, find in the shed or washed up on the beach or in the chuck out box at the hardware - on it goes and if it wont stay put - use duct tape.


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