Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Blacklight Box

Antlion in regards to your proposal and ensuing conversation, I came up with an idea.......
After watching the sand art video I now present The Blacklight Box.

The timber box has a glass window and a lower shelf. The glass is mounted into a larger working platform.
A Blacklight and video/webcam are mounted beneath.

Slow drying acrylics, coloured powders, objects, letters, beads, transparencies etc. are manipulated by the operator/artist on the glass panel. They can be scraped, painted, sprayed, removed etc in a symbiotic relationship to music. And vice a versa.

The video camera will project this to a large screen, which could be sent through a computer for secondary adjustment.

Colours of paint etc. would need to be of a type to be illuminated by the ultra violet light. You would potentially see the artist manipulating from above as well. This would only add another interesting element. - David


  1. Hmm, an awful lot of trouble to go to just to make art. i suppose some people might consider it contemporary then, even though I always thought that contemporary meant: belonging to the same period of time, as in I am alive , I am making this shite NOW...

  2. This blackbox idea is to fit a purpose. Antlion asked me to think about doing a combined art/performance/installation thing at Bendigo in November. It would be a week of working together then performing. He would be producing spontaneous music to my spontaneous image making. It's just an idea to fool the contemporary masses.

  3. There are musicians today playing 19th century music exclusively, are they contemporary artists or just living in the past?

    The Black light box looks very interesting, what happens when you mix the liquid with the dry?
    can you make one of these?

  4. I think the black light box has possibilities. I have the black light at work, and some old sheets of glass. The image would be like a mirror, and so the operator would need to look at the projected screen.
    The texture would be flattened because you are looking at the back of the glass. If the light illuminates well and the camera picks up the image I think it would work really well. I might go in and borrow the light and have a little test. I envisage abstract images changing fairly rapidly in response to the music. The week would be constructing, fine tuning, and practicing. Whites and fluorescent paints would be mandatory. will let you know.


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