Sunday, 24 June 2007

1st posting by antlion

Hi all and good luck with this project


  1. Antlion, if you use Antlion as a label then it will show in Blogg groups. If we keep our labels simple we will have a directory of posts. I.E. artists names, media - painting,

  2. are you saying I should use my real name or what?

  3. No, you don't need to use yor real name. If Antlion is chosen as a label then blogger will collate your postings on the page under Blog groups. This way visitors can click on antlion and filter out or bring up all antlion postings. I have added labels to your postings, already. It's just a way to keep things in order. If we limit the labels we will build an efficient indexing system of artists and categories. My suggestion is Artists names, General Business, and media categories. When you post there is a show all button. Choose a label from that list. If there is no available label create one. But we should keep the list simple. For example :-If antlion posts a video then the labels would be - Antlion,Video.


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