Saturday, 30 June 2007

mystery man

This is Antlion

I am the hosts big brother so watch it!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Black light

Been checking out black light methods and materials. Found this video demonstrating a black light performance.

Materials range from professional paints and pigments to home made stuff like teeth whitener, tonic water, vaseline, and washing powder. Kids fluoro paints and markers can work as well. Tonight I had the Black light near a TV and noticed a weird glow. When I switched the black light off it took 30 seconds or so for the TV to dim. Weird science.
Need to experiment over the weekend .....

Thursday, 28 June 2007

blue anti-lines on a white-ish foreground

lets see if I can smelt my way in here... this painting is one of a series of mixed media works. They got progressively more chaotic as the series progressed. I have been using found and industrial materials, I paint on the floor otherwise everything tends to slide off the painting and end up on the floor anyway.
In places the texture is a centimetre deep. My next mission - working in the tried and true dialectic mode - will be to tame the process and add a more formal structure whilst retaining as much of the spontaneous surface as possible.

New Member

Thanks Roj for joining Art Smelter. Roj is a successful illustrator and designer who started his own business with his wife a few years back called Planet Graphics. He now works for a few other companies while his wife runs the family business. His art can be seen in almost any surf shop in Australia, UK and USA. He has also painted for many years.
Here is an example of a painting he sent me recently.


Binna Burra

No 5 - 1981

No 5 is acrylic and charcoal on paper. This was produced after going on an student art trip to Binna Burra on the Gold Coast. I produced a series of quick drawings based on the bush foliage. Branches, rocks, leaves - these were usually stylized and abstracted to give a quick impression and to keep the marks fresh.
These spontaneous works are in direct contrast to my heavier labored mark making of today. Maybe it's the desire to have an artwork look finished or that I think it needs to look like a lot of work has gone into it. But there is something fresh and simple about this type of work - it's less contrived. The trick is to produce art work today that is direct but more sophisticated.
In Brett Whitely's best work you can see this sheer spontaneous line sing across the page in service to his central theme. In his worst work you can see the dust of death rising to choke as he labors to find his true self.
Oh, well back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Blacklight Box

Antlion in regards to your proposal and ensuing conversation, I came up with an idea.......
After watching the sand art video I now present The Blacklight Box.

The timber box has a glass window and a lower shelf. The glass is mounted into a larger working platform.
A Blacklight and video/webcam are mounted beneath.

Slow drying acrylics, coloured powders, objects, letters, beads, transparencies etc. are manipulated by the operator/artist on the glass panel. They can be scraped, painted, sprayed, removed etc in a symbiotic relationship to music. And vice a versa.

The video camera will project this to a large screen, which could be sent through a computer for secondary adjustment.

Colours of paint etc. would need to be of a type to be illuminated by the ultra violet light. You would potentially see the artist manipulating from above as well. This would only add another interesting element. - David

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sand Art

Changed a few colours and added an image at the top. Nothing is permanent but at least it's not as conservative as it was. Anything can be changed.

Found this sand and music art at youtube.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Early days

Thanks, antlion and elisabeth for joining the group Blog. I hope you find this enjoyable and functional. Hopefully we can attract a broader audience as well as inspiring each other.
I will be tracking down other potentials as I find time, and will hopefully accrue a good posse. Feel welcome to make suggestions and post as often as you like. Painting, drawing, video, music, poetry, writing, art discussion, art news, film reviews etc. I would consider all welcome on this site.
Tell your friends to check it out or add the blog address to your emails. Could prove interesting in a couple of years if we can sustain the input.
I will be checking and adding stuff every couple of days as I find the time.

This is a daggy sample of a Mixpo Video post.

P.S. If you know any potential contributers let me know.

Big Orange

Big Orange Tree -1995 - 136x104cm

This painting was produced in acrylic on masonite (hardboard). I produced a smaller paper version first, then just freely upscaled it. I exhibited this painting a few years back in a solo show in Caloundra, Qld. At the show I made available a set of clear lensed 3D glasses, similar to the ones you use at Movie Worlds 3D film shows. When in use the paintings look rather dramatic, the colours and shapes break into separated planes. You can see distance between these planes, it's quite amazing. Everyone wanted to have a look. A lady who could only see out of one eye, told me that she could see no effect. It works the best with colours that have a strong complimentary relationship.
I wonder what a black light would look like at a show if I turned the main lights off and played a video as well. There was a black light in use in one of the walk-in artworks at the new Queensland Modern Art Gallery. I sell them in my Hardware shop. Hmmm.....tempting.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

one of my favourite people in the world

I never did find out her name

1st posting by antlion

Hi all and good luck with this project

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Bunya Pines

This is an acrylic and pencil drawing/painting that I did a few years back. I like the dark lines and patterning. The hint of distance with the scribbly mountains and the simple colour scheme.
I used EE or EB pencils, which I have been using for many years. They now call them 9B and staedlar normally makes them. They are hard and dark and can be wiped by turps as in this artwork.

Three Trees - 1997 - 53x72cm

The turps wash alters the acrylic colour, which I scrub back to create texture and lift the paint. This also allows me to redraw the image, building up the layers. This technique I have found helpful in harmonizing the colours. It's also great for revisiting an artwork when things feel tired. The paper is normal cartridge, which although cheap works well for my type of drawing. I like to have a hard surface to work on, which is also why I never use canvas. These days I use MDF board primed with a multi-purpose, acrylic, primer, sealer undercoat on both sides. Then glued onto 32x19 finger joint pine as a bracing support.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Ex Nihlo

This Blog will hopefully consist of a group of artists that normally work apart but will be able to come together to share their ideas and artworks. The group will be drawn from past associates and possibly from new associates as time goes by. You are welcome to leave a comment and your web/blog/email information if you are interested.
Now comes the hard part - chasing everyone up.
All Artwork Copyright by the Artists represented on this Blog. 2010